Merchant of the Week: Skin Institute, Miami

This week’s Merchant of the Week is Sheila Treadway, owner of Skin Institute in Miami.

Because of her exceptional customer service strategy and commitment to giving new Groupon clientele the same experience as all Skin Institute guests, Sheila has seen a 70% customer return rate from Groupon clients and is excited to share her success story with others.  Shelia’s post is below.

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Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine

Congratulations Kimberly S. of Castle Rock, CO!  To thank you for purchasing yesterday’s Daily Deal we’re sending you a Brother XL2600I Sewing Machine.  With multiple stitch functions and 25 built-in stitches, the Brother XL2600I is perfect for beginners and seasoned sewers alike.  Plus, with added accessory storage built in, this machine is a welcome addition to any craft studio.

3 Pack of Gummy Vites

To thank Ilana K. of Boston, MA for purchasing yesterday’s Daily Deal we’re sending her a 3 Pack of Lil’ Critters Gummy Vitamins!  Containing essential vitamins and minerals, this nutrient packed threesome supports healthy brain and muscle development.  With award winning taste and natural colors, L’il Critters Gummy Vitamins are the #1 choice of parents.

Pancake Mix & Maple Syrup

Congratulations Jenny H. of Brooklyn, NY!  To thank you for purchasing yesterday’s Daily Deal we’re sending you Pamela’s Ultimate Pancake Mix & Organic Amber Maple Syrup.  With the arrival of autumn, pancake season is upon us.  Jenny will now be covered through the duration thanks to her gift of 12.7 pounds of pancake mix and 32 ounces of amber maple syrup.

Happy Days Box Set

To thank Natasha C. of Milwaukee, WI for purchasing yesterday’s Daily Deal we’re sending her Happy Days!  The Happy Days box set that is.  Including seasons 1 – 4, this collection will provide Natasha with hours of wholesome, family entertainment.  Leather jacket and jukebox not included.

Partner With Groupon and Earn Commission!

Howdy! I’m Carolyn and I run the affiliate marketing program here at Groupon. Affiliate marketing is pretty much just a fancy term for grassroots partnerships. We partner with people who enjoy sharing Groupon deals with their friends via blogs, websites, Facebook statuses, Twitter updates, you name it. Then, anytime a customer comes into us through one of those channels and purchases a Groupon, we pay commission to whoever it was that referred that customer.

So for example, let’s say you saw a Groupon for $40 for a one-hour massage at that incredible spa that just opened up. It’s such a great deal that you email your girlfriend, your mom, your grandmom, your grandmom’s bestie, etc., and tell them about it. If any of them wind up taking advantage of the Groupon, you get commission.
But wait, there’s more! Sometimes grandma takes a couple days to make a decision. The way our affiliate program is set up, so long as grandma completes her Groupon purchase within 30 days of your initial referral, you’ll get commission.

Plus, as an affiliate, you get access to our reporting system, where you can see how many clicks and sales you’ve driven, and how much commission you’ve earned. Becoming a Groupon affiliate is totally free, and we’ve got a whole team of folks ready to show you how it works. So if you’re interested, join our affiliate program now, or for more information, shoot us an email!

Yoga for Dummies

Congratulations Julia C. of Oakland, CA!  To thank you for purchasing yesterday’s Daily Deal we’re sending you Hugger Mugger’s Yoga for Dummies!  Containing a foam block, nylon bag, and Yoga mat, this kit is a complete Yoga workout.  Perfect for the Yoga novice, Yoga for Dummies also includes an instructional flip chart.

Snorkel Gear Set

To thank Margaret W. of Dallas, TX for purchasing yesterday’s Daily Deal we’re sending her a Promate Scuba Snorkel Gear Set!  High quality and stylish, this set contains a non-purge dive mask, wave snorkeling fins, nylon mesh dive bag, and dry snorkel with signal whistle.  Can be used in either the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.

Chelsea Food Leather

Congratulations Sorapun B. of Falls Church, VA!  For purchasing yesterday’s Daily Deal we’re sending you Chelsea Leather Food.  Made in England, Chelsea Leather Food has been preserving and protecting the leather goods of Europe for over 100 years.