Autumn Essentials

Winter is coming–Unless you live in a city where the weather is the same all year round. Still, the words “October”, “autumn”, and “parka” roll off the tongue nicely even if you’re not surrounded by leaves shape-shifting and jumping off trees. We’ve got plenty of gourd-themed, Halloween, and other autumn essentials for you this week. You can check them all out HERE, or feast on these featured fall deals below:

Halloween LED String Lights – Each strand of Halloween string lights with ghosts and pumpkins spans 116 inches; battery-operated LED lights rated to last 10,000 hours

Angie’s List Membership – National service helps consumers find high-quality pros, such as doctors & mechanics, with live support & certified data-collection process

Dog Halloween Costumes – Costumes transform your pup into a caped superhero, horned devil, or rotund pumpkin; most costumes include accessories and a velcro front

$15 for $30 Worth of Halloween Confections and Gifts from Cherry Moon Farms – Seasonally spooky sweets include hand-decorated shortbread cookies, gingerbread haunted houses, and candy-coated caramel apples

Heathered Fleece Throw – Cozy throw blankets forged from multidimensional heathered fabric; available in five colors

After you’re done prepping your home for winter, prep your body for upcoming frigid temps with these helpful tips:

  • Keep your body temperature elevated by wearing wool over the body parts that give off the most heat—the top of your head and underneath your tongue.
  • You can prevent frostbitten fingers by wearing gloves and prevent unbearably cold feet by filling those gloves with thick, freshly made soup and then jamming them into your shoes.
  • Dry skin is a problem in winter, especially for people who are always rubbing themselves with desiccants.
  • You’ve probably never seen a shivering horse. They must be doing something right. Try to be more like a horse or something.
  • Do the thing people have been doing for centuries—fake your own death so you can stay in your home completely unbothered.

Happy fall!

Behind the Deals: Employee Perks

Contrary to popular belief, Groupon employees aren’t just doing it for the love of the deals. There are some real sweet perks to this job, and here’s just a few of them:

  • Employees don’t have to work if they feel sick or are stressed out about an interaction they had with a mean bus driver.
  • Every employee gets free membership to a gourmet-cheese club regardless of their interest in cheese or ability to digest it.
  • Employees can leave their desks literally any time they need to go to the bathroom as long as they have submitted an OBRF (Official Bathroom Request Form) to their manager at least three hours ahead of time.

Groupon Acquires Savored

Today we are excited to announce that Groupon has acquired Savored! This New York-based startup has created a best-in-class, reservation-based deal platform for high-end restaurants that nicely complements the evolution of Groupon Now! in the last year.

Specifically, Savored offers:

  • The ability to book a discounted reservation ranging from 15- 40% off your entire bill
  • The ability for merchants to vary their discount by time slot and control the number of tables they sell at each reservation period each day
  • Voucherless redemption – just show up, say you made a Savored reservation, tell them your name and the merchant knocks the discount off your bill before you pay

Led by co-founder Ben McKean and head of sales Mike DeLuca, the Savored team has deep expertise and relationships in the restaurant space and will be working closely with our food & drink experts. The addition of Savored to our arsenal empowers reps to propose the best customer acquisition solution for our merchants every time.

We look forward to working together to achieve a common goal – making dining out even more fun and affordable for consumers while helping restaurateurs manage inventory and grow their businesses.

Savored will continue to serve diners and restaurants at Interested merchants can learn more about Savored’s free 30-day trial at or by calling (877) 801-1209.

Here’s a big welcome to the Groupon family!

Dan Roarty

VP, Groupon Now!

Let’s Get Together: Party Essentials

Planning a get-together can be difficult. There are balloons to inflate, ponies to boss around, and you have to find time to shell all those peanuts. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a selection of discounted party essentials that will compliment any festivity.

$20 for $40 Worth of Clothing, Decor, and Other Gifts from RedEnvelope – Online store stocks gifts for any occasion including apparel, flowers, and personalized baby blankets and golf balls

Crab, Lobster, and Fresh Fish from Blue Crab Trading Company – Bushels of daily-caught Maryland blue crabs available live or steamed, lobsters, fresh fish, crab, shrimp, and calamari

HomeImage LED Electric Corkscrew - A built-in foil cutter bares corks for their swift deposition. In seconds, the electric corkscrew liberates wines or model schooners from their bottled captivity.

Deluxe EZ Car-Trunk Organizer with Cooler – When in use, the three sections of the EZ trunk organizer and cooler help drivers sort groceries, clothes, cleaning supplies, and other miscellanea.

$15 for $30 Worth of Aprons, Bibs, and Kitchen Gloves from Flirty Aprons – More than 50 fashionable and funny aprons protect women, men, and kids from cooking spills

If all of our great dinner-party-related deals inspire you to host an event, make sure it runs smoothly by purchasing your very own SmorgasBorg™, the first butler that is only part human. Here’s just a small sampling of what SmorgasBorg™ can do:

  • Clean the entire home, even between walls
  • Fold napkins to look like swans or children playing
  • Warm cheese to the perfect temperature using a small, controlled fire
  • Stuff a turkey with your choice of 400 other smaller birds
  • Carry objects weighing more than 2 tons (if necessary)
  • Hide its tears from your guests

Introducing Groupon Payments

In the past, our merchant partners have often told us that their traditional payment systems are expensive and cumbersome–so we stepped up to the plate and developed our own payments service guaranteed to be the simplest and lowest cost option for Groupon merchants to accept credit cards. Today we’re announcing the launch of Groupon Payments, the latest addition to our extensive suite of merchant products and services.

After a successful pilot in the San Francisco Bay area, Groupon Payments is now available to all Groupon merchants in the U.S.! Built into the latest version of the Groupon Merchants app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Groupon Payments facilitates credit card transactions for any Groupon merchant. And since the service is already built into the app, existing Groupon merchants can enroll quickly and smoothly.

Groupon Payments is perfect for any business whether it’s a spa, deli, bar, salon or restaurant. In addition to slashing transaction fees, Groupon Payments offers services that most of the traditional processors don’t. Rather than waiting the typical two or three days for credit card payments to hit an account, Groupon Payments users get paid overnight. It’s never been easier to calculate bill totals, process refunds, redeem Groupon vouchers, email receipts and most importantly, save money!

With the online Groupon Payments Center, business owners can view a live transaction history, check daily sales reports, track deposits to an account and analyze revenue trends. Groupon provides a sturdy audio jack card-swiping device free of charge – merchants can opt for a high-volume case-based reader if they need it. Plus, if there is ever a need to reach us, we’ve put together a dedicated Groupon Payments support team available by phone and email 7-days a week to answer any and all questions.

We’re confident Groupon Payments will make for a better experience between customers and employees, make merchants lives easier with the aggressively competitive rates and extensive features we’re offering, and the operating system for local commerce is becoming an exciting reality.

For more information, please check out Questions? Feedback? We’d love to get your thoughts below.

Self-Improvement Deals

When autumn rolls around, the trees shed their skin and bears return to their caves to think about what they’ve done. You still have time to maximize your potential with these self-improvement deals.

 One, Two, or Three Online Crafting Classes from Craftsy - An online database houses more than 90 HD video classes that teach cake decorating, knitting, jewelry making, and quilting

Custom Weight-Loss and Wellness Program at Sprawling Estates in Hollywood Hills – Daily meals, fitness training, and activities at Fit4LA, which aims to motivate others to pursue holistic wellness in a supportive, noncompetitive setting.

One-Year Access to 77 Online Leadership Courses from FranklinCovey – Online time-management, productivity, and leadership courses incorporate concepts from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

6 or 12 Months of Online Language Courses in One Language from Babbel – Interactive language-learning tools that track user progress and can be accessed from any computer

$19 for Beaute Basics Neutral 36-Color Eye-Shadow Palette – Beaute Basics’ pressed-powder eye shadows glide over lids to add dimension, enhance beauty, and match the color scheme of any ensemble

To get you even closer to being crowned Ultimate Being by your country, pair our great deals with some of these proven methods for improving yourself on your own:

  • Sleep is good for chewing up hours you could spend improving yourself. Train your body to naturally stay awake by covering your bed in frozen sticks of butter.
  • If you’ve got poor vision, cover your eyeballs with wet teabags. After taking them off, everything should look much clearer than it did with them on.
  • Stay mentally and physically sharp by doing crossword puzzles every morning with your hands tied behind your back using the pen that’s wedged between your first and second toes.
  • Have many children. Their tiny hands are perfect for picking lint off your clothing.

Remember to check out all the self-improvement deals HERE. Let us know what you think!

Help Launch #GivingTuesday

Around the holidays there’s a day to give thanks on Thanksgiving, a day to flood the stores on Black Friday, a day to hover over computers on Cyber Monday, and now with your help, we’ll establish a day to give back: November 27th, #GivingTuesday.

The mission is to create a national day of giving at the start of the annual holiday season. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support nonprofit organizations. Recently Groupon Grassroots manager, Patty Huber Morrissey, spoke about Groupon’s partnership with the cause.

What is Groupon planning for #GivingTuesday?

We are committed to launching a collection of pro-bono Groupon Grassroots fundraising campaigns on the Groupon website that will be featured with a custom URL – We are currently accepting applications from national non-profits and social ventures to be featured in our holiday giving campaigns.

How to Help: Since holiday decorations start popping up before the leaves change color, it’s never too early head to the virtual streets of the internet and spread  the word about #GivingTuesday. Visit for more information, follow @givingtues on Twitter, and start using the hashtag #GivingTuesday to get the ball rolling! Are you a blogger? CLICK HERE to read more about how you can be involved as a Social Media Ambassador and rally behind this charitable movement.

Thanks for your help in making the inaugural #GivingTuesday a success!


Behind the Deals: Assigned Parking Spaces

Only Groupon’s most important employees get guaranteed parking spaces. Here are those employees:

  • Leonard “Dollar” Moneymuns, Senior Vice Salesman
  • Maybe-braham Like-on, Abraham Lincoln Impersonator
  • Dog, Dog
  • Doug, Doug
  • Harry Plimpton, Manager
  • Michael Jordan, Basketball Dynamo (a man with the same name whom we hired for having the same name)
  • Hamm Lamb, Official Tester for Poison in Soda
  • Kehl-tor, He Born of Fire

Chicago History Monday

600 W. Chicago in 1914

The inner history nerd surfaced as we came across an image from 1914 of the building most of Groupon’s employees are tightly packed into today.

For comparison, we stepped outside to snap a current shot of Chicago Avenue.

600 W. Chicago in 2012

Not only are we happy that the orange cone was invented, we’re thankful for the ability to see in color in this day and age.

Deals for the Whole Family

As a parent, the goal is to raise responsible, innovative young minds and mold them into the kind of adults who avoid purposefully setting things on fire. To help with that task, this week we’re featuring deals for kids as well as for the whole family. From games to meal plans, from books to family outings, this collection of deals focuses on keeping those kiddos entertained, educated, and exercised.

$42 for Family Portrait Package at Sears Portrait Studio – Trained photographers direct customers through poses with a variety of backdrops and props during private digital-photo shoots

Healthy Meal Planning from The Fresh 20 – Weekly meal plans praised in In Style make five kid-friendly meals and sides using an included shopping list of 20 seasonal ingredients

Nature’s Dynamics Gummy-Vitamins – Gummy-vitamin bundles for children, women, and men made from USA-certified organic fruits, vegetables, and minerals


Personalized Children’s Books and Gifts from I See Me! – Award-winning hardcover children’s books popular with celebrity moms spell out your child’s name with rhyming verse and colorful pictures

$17 for The Young Scientists Club Star Pilot Astronomy Kit – Scientists aged 10 and older use the Star Pilot device to find their way through the firmament, locating bright stars, mapping constellations, and deciphering which asteroids are edible.

Flipping over to our philanthropic side, our featured Groupon Grassroots campaign focuses on the therapeutic influences of dance. If sixty-five people donate $10, then Lineage Dance Company can sponsor one year of monthly hip-hop dance classes for all kids in the Children’s Corner program. Additionally, all donations will be matched up to a $650 total by Elizabeth’s Canvas. Click HERE to donate and read more about this great campaign and the organizations involved.

All these kid-friendly deals are endorsed (by way of contractual obligation) by the Groupon Kidz Club.