Meet the Runners

Somewhere out there, there’s a mighty pack of wolves running out on the range or wherever wolves are known to run. Similarly, those training for the Run Free Race are feeling the cry of the wild within them and are howling. Howling for encouragement. Howling for determination. Howling to say, “Help, I’m lost. Someone please find me.”

Meet a few featured Groupon athletes participating in the Run Free Race:


When asked to describe him in one word, most people would say “Tim.” When asked to describe him in TWO words, they would say “Runner. Tim.” That’s really all you need to know about what a dedicated athlete Tim is. But just for fun, here are some other things this born runner is into: illegal fireworks, HD DVDs, Ben and Kate fan fiction, bee keeping, bee giving, spelling bees, spelling the word “bees,” sneaking up on people, and running.

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Proud of Pride@Groupon

Groupon recently upped employee engagement activities with such Employee Resource Groups as Women@Groupon and Pride@Groupon. Today’s post marks the first gathering since the launch of Pride@Groupon. Read full article, written by Ryan Nugent, Inbound Relationship Manager and Alex Paolino-Gibson, Account Manager on the Grassroots Blog.

A large group congregated on the fourth floor lobby of Groupon to mark the first ever social event of Pride at Groupon.  The gathering united a diverse group of people under a common goal: to work together and promote the LGBT community of Groupon while providing a welcoming resource for all Groupon employees.

After welcoming members to the newly-formed Pride at Groupon, James then revealed that Groupon was one of several large Chicago-based companies to sign an open letter supporting marriage equality in Illinois. The letter made its way to lawmakers in Springfield as the state moves to adopt formal equality legislation. Along with Groupon, the Chicago Cubs and Garrett Popcorn shops signed a letter stating that “[...] [to] be competitive, a state must create an equitable, fair and respectful environment for all of its citizens.”  To further this mission, Pride at Groupon will be making opportunities available for employees to get involved with the fight for equality in Illinois through the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Equality Illinois.  In the coming months Pride at Groupon aims to start natural, meaningful conversations about the LGBT community. This will provide an opportunity for our workplace to come together to learn more about not only their coworkers, but also the LGBT community. Along with other Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Groupon, Pride at Groupon will be collaborating to promote professional development and networking opportunities. We have a spot reserved in the Pride Parade and we’re excited to be a part of the celebration.

This Tweet in Groupon

The thought of the weekend is so distracting, we need lists to help us remember all the haps that happened these past seven days.


“View from the Top” with Mellody Hobson

This post is guest authored by Women@Groupon member Lindsay Buydos:

Last night, Women@Groupon launched its mentorship program with the event “View from the Top” with special guest, Mellody Hobson.

To say that Mellody is impressive would be the understatement of the year. As if ascending from intern to president of Ariel Investments LLC in fewer than 10 years isn’t enough, Mellody also serves on the board of directors of Starbucks, Estee Lauder, Dreamworks, the Field Museum, and Groupon, to name a few. In her free time, she dabbles in politics and gives millions of Americans financial advice as a regular contributor on Good Morning America. Oh yeah, she runs marathons, too.

As a member of our board of directors, Mellody knows our business and is able to provide invaluable insight from a unique angle, applying the lessons she’s learned as she’s prospered and struggled in her own career. When asked how being a woman made her ability to achieve her career goals more difficult, she made it very clear—it didn’t. She said she wouldn’t allow it to: “Why are we, as women, we as minorities, always apologizing for that fact? … I’m not going to be defined by convention.”

A 2012 Dow Jones study found that start-ups are more likely to succeed if they have women on their executive team. Similarly, a report from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business stated, “Research suggests that companies that explicitly place value on gender diversity perform better in general, and perform better than their peers on the multiple dimensions of corporate sustainability.”

Women make up 70% of our customer base and also make most of the spending decisions in the majority of American households. Therefore, empowering women in our workplace is a clear strategy for reaching our customer base in an organic and effective way.

Groupon Grassroots Kicks Off Social Venture Week!

Happy New Year!

At Groupon, one reason we’re passionate about promoting local business is because of all the benefits they bring to local communities. Today, we’re taking our impact up a notch by featuring a collection of mission-driven businesses that use the power of the market to drive societal or environmental change. Having been born out of The Point’s social enterprise model, we’re excited to pay it forward and help these social ventures! Continue Reading

Run Free Marathon

Do you fancy yourself a runner? No? That’s okay, read on.

How many people does it take participating in something to make it real? For example, if you eat 14 hotdogs on your own in the span of 15 minutes, you’re not in a competitive eating contest, the only thing you’ve challenged is your stomach. But if five of your friends came over and ate hotdogs under the watchful eye of a timekeeper and someone’s Instagram account, you’d call it a competition and justify the bellyache.

This year, non-runners across America are non-running a fake marathon to see if we can photographically prove something exists if enough people participate in something that isn’t real. Introducing the Run Free Race.

Yes, it’s fake. It’s a fake marathon. It’s a run-free, non-running, 26.21875-mile fake marathon. But don’t tell your friends that, just have fun and pseudo-train with the rest of the fake race participants.

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