5 Resolutions for Loving Local in 2014

It’s January, the month of yearly resolutions. So we thought we’d offer a few suggestions to add to your resolutions list (or replace resolutions you’ve already tabled for next year…). These resolutions will help you “love local” in 2014, and get more involved in your own community—something we strongly believe in here at Groupon.

Our top 5 resolutions for Loving Local:

1. Shift 10% of your weekly spending to local businesses.* This could include ordering take-out from a local place rather than a chain, shopping for produce at a local grocery store, or getting your morning latte at a local coffee shop. Just a small shift can make a big difference in your local economy.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 3.01.45 PM2. Make a list of 10 local businesses you want to try in 2014–and then try them! This is a fun way to get to know more businesses around you and get more involved in your community. You never know what local treasure you might find when you start looking!

3. Volunteer regularly with a local non-profit. Many service oriented non-profits are intimately connected to the local community through the work they do. Pick a non-profit that offers services near you so you can get to know the people and issues in your own community. We suggest that you pick one non profit that works on an area you care about (rather than volunteer only once at various nonprofits), and volunteer with them regularly. This with help you develop a deeper relationship with the people you meet there and the issues you work on.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 2.59.26 PM4. Walk or bike somewhere once a week (as it makes sense for you). We think walking and biking is a great way to commute everywhere, but we know that for many people it’s not possible to walk or bike to work or many other places they have to go in life. So instead, we suggest making an effort to walk or bike one place each week—be it to dinner, a friend’s house, or the grocery store. Self-propelled transportation is good for your health, good for the environment, and a great way to see parts of your neighborhood you may miss when driving a car or taking public transportation.

5. Attend a community event once a season. As the seasons come and go, many communities have local events where community members can come together to have fun and support their community. These could include community improvement projects, special shopping nights, summer festivals, or holiday parties. Another great community event to attend is a neighborhood association meeting to become involved in the decisions made about your neighborhood or town.

* For more information about shifting your shopping to local businesses, read our post about the local-focused campaign, Shift Your Shopping.

  • I really enjoyed this post and I’m heartened to see support for local shopping from Groupon and other unexpected places!

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