Attention Animal Lovers!


Meet Zorro.

This stylish 19 mo. old police dog stopped by the Groupon offices yesterday to show off his new bullet- and-stab-proof vest funded by the Groupon Grassroots campaign for Vested Interest in K-9s, Inc. These vests can help protect dogs that are the first to enter crime scenes, where they may confront dangerous people or situations. They also complement any adorable police dog in a high-profile fashion shoot.

In 2012, Groupon Grassroots worked on smaller scale with Vested interest and helped raise more than $60,000. Today they’re spreading their wings (paws?) and launching a national campaign with the organization.  If 101 people–not Dalmatians–donate $10, Vested Interest in K-9s, Inc. can fund vest for a police dog. Zorro appreciates your support.Other than screaming for ice cream, people scream love for their pets. We heard those cries and responded by launching our latest pets deal page to celebrate pets across the nation. If your Facebook feed is made up entirely of cat photos and inspirational puppy art, you might be interested in:

Unique Petz Treat Launcher – Spring-action trigger fires tasty rewards more than 10 feet toward your eager pet.
Travel Pet Feeder – Two waterproof nylon bowls enable pets to fill their bellies on the go.
PetCareRx Pet Medicine and Supplies – Wholesalers provide the means to cure dogs of heartworm, relieve felines of pain, or treat loyal mutts to some scraps of duck jerky.

Find something you and your pet can both enjoy? Snap a picture of them and tag @groupon on Instagram so we can see your four-legged friend in action!

  • I think this K9 program is awesome! I donated to the cause & I hope my friends will as well. Zorro is very handsome.

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