Behind the Deals: Moving Checklist

Groupon has been constantly moving into new offices because of all the smells that keep happening in them. Here’s what every Groupon employee is forced to do to before moving:

  • Unplug your computer monitor.
  • Dust off the computer monitor with the shirt you are wearing.
  • Gently drop your computer monitor in the trash. You’ll get a new one at the new office.
  • Place your keyboard and mouse into the box you brought from home, but only after coating them in the supplied keyboard/mouse sterilizing cream.
  • Close your box and wait for the sterilizing cream to take effect.
  • When the sides of the box puff out, the sterilizing cream is working, turning the coating of dead skin cells and body oil you’ve left on your computer equipment into a mostly harmless, odorless gas.
  • Open your box back up—only after putting on the construction mask you brought from home—and check to make sure the sterilizing cream hasn’t completely eroded your equipment.
  • If your keyboard and mouse are left relatively intact, close the box and walk away. Someone will probably take care of the rest.