Croon a Groupon Tune

Check one of the following that applies to you:

You can’t help but feel rhythm pulsating inside you.
You determined it is indeed rhythm inside you and not a bad sandwich.
You’ve been cited for excellence in the field of “Proactive Humming.”
You’ve written an additional 23 ways to leave your lover.
Your other car is a karaoke machine.

If one of these applies, then we’d like to hear from you!  Why? Well, someone decided to sing the above song on our voice mail. After hours upon hours of listening, we are flattered and think it’s awesome. It also got us thinking about all our talented fans who might be able to make a great song about Groupon…

If you’re feeling musical, we want to hear it! Call us at 312-459-5274 and leave it as a message. Play an instrument, remix it, or just serenade us on the voice mail. We’ll share our favorites with the world!