Featured Merchant: Massacre Haunted House

Fall is always a special time of year. The weather is starting to change, the leaves are turning color and people dress up like the dead and try to give you a heart attack.

For one Groupon merchant, it’s his favorite time of the year. Groupon is proud to be working with Ryan Burke, owner of Massacre Haunted House, for the second year in a row. Groupon users can get their yearly Halloween haunted thrill for just $17, half the usual price of a VIP ticket that lets you skip those pesky lines. Check out the deal here.

Ryan told us that Groupon is a great marketing tool for him because “it brings in a ton of new people that otherwise may have gone someplace else. We’re thrilled to work with Groupon every year and haven’t found anything nearly as effective at reaching potential customers.”

While we don’t normally offer experiences that are meant to make you scream in horror, we think you’ll enjoy this…but only once a year.