G-Team Reflection

Know of a good cause that would be a good fit for our G-Team? Kurtlan Massarsky, Director of Development & Marketing at BAGLY, Inc., gave us his reflections and advice to other non-profits regarding his experience:

Having been brought on to the Northeast Animal Shelter’s staff as their first Development Officer, one of my goals was to expand the general thinking regarding fundraising.  “What current trend can we take advantage of” was my mantra for the first few weeks in that position.  Fortunately for me I was already a signed and sealed customer of Groupon, and that’s where my mind went.

After a relatively painless application process I was put in touch with Kyle, our G-Team representative.  Not only was Kyle knowledgeable as to the process I was going through, but he was supportive of both me and the Shelter’s mission.  We quickly sketched out the details of our G-Team Campaign, and then the fun began!

The campaign itself was beautifully written and presented, which provided me with the tools I needed for it to succeed.  Putting all of our Social Media resources to work (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc) we reached our goal of 60 donors within the first few hours of the campaign.  Three days later we had accrued almost $5,000 of new money for the Shelter, which is a huge amount of fluffy dogs and cats saved!  Without the G-Team’s inspiration, energy and willingness to work with an organization that was new to this type of marketing & fundraising experience, there is no conceivable way the campaign could have been as successful as it was.

Now I’m happily ensconced as the new Director of Development & Marketing at BAGLY, Inc. and I am eagerly anticipating putting together a new G-Team campaign with Kyle and his crew.  My unwavering advice to you non-profit fundraisers out there is to reach out to the G-Team and really utilize their expertise in this field.  As a marketing and fundraising opportunity, you couldn’t be in better  or more enthusiastic hands.

Kurtlan Massarsky

Director of Development & Marketing