We’re Celebrating Five Years!


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It’s our 5th birthday! To celebrate our growth from daily deal website to a true online marketplace, we’re launching a completely redesigned website, plus updates to Groupon’s mobile apps so you can be sure to easily search and discover all the best selection of deals.

“Our new site and mobile app makes it easier and more rewarding for customers to check Groupon first when they want to buy just about anything, anytime, anywhere,” said Groupon CEO Eric Lefkofsky. It’s simple for you to search and browse tens of thousands of offers to find the exact deal you want, when you want it.

Like every five-year-old, speed and a sophisticated look are of utmost importance. So our website is now much faster and has a clean new look and feel.

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Why don’t you take this baby out for a test drive? Check out:iPad 2.0 Personalizations

  • Personalized Homepage: Curated collections of deals based on your interests, previous purchases, purchases by other customers with similar interests, and an easy way for you to surf through our huge inventory of deals.
  • Enhanced Search and Browse:  A search bar at the top of every page along with type-ahead suggestions lets you easily find deals on demand.
  • Cross-Channel Search Results: Search results span all offers from local deals to places to travel to goods to restaurant reservations and live events for the most interesting and personally relevant deals.
  • Robust Search Filters: For every search or browse click, the results are displayed along with a set of easy-to-use filters that simultaneously showcase our selection and enable you to drill deeper into specific categories and collections based on your interests.

The personalized shopping experience also extends to our iPhone, Android and iPad apps. Highlights include:

  • Local Explorer – Visiting a new city and want to find a great local restaurant on a travel budget? The apps now automatically detect when your location has changed and deals are selected based on your current location.
  • Enhanced UX – Like the website, the search bar is at the top of every screen to provide quick access. The redesigned iPad app also sports a new home page that presents personalized collections of deals to explore.
  • Deal “Favoriting” You can now “favorite” deals on you iPad to save for quick and easy future reference. (That one’s our favorite, but we don’t want to play favorites.)
  • Additional Markets – The iPad expansion now includes 12 additional markets: Austria, Chile, Colombia, French Canada, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia and Thailand. Hello, everyone!

We’ve got a lot more planned for this five-year birthday celebration. The party continues all month with special offers and a brand new Gift Shop just in time for the holiday shopping season.

This is an exciting month! Thanks for stopping by the site. We’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think in the comments!



  • I love the new layout! It seems a lot easier to navigate and looks beautiful!

  • The site looks great. One question, though. How do we know when we have earned Groupon Bucks with todays birthday deal. When will they show up in our account?

  • There is an FAQ imbedded into the email that was sent to you. Take a look there and follow those directions to your account!

  • Love the redesign, especially the ability to search, and the improved browsing! I hope that computer-based users are able to “favorite” deals as well–I’ve often wished to an easy in-website way to keep track of the ones I’m considering–but seriously, thanks!

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