When the Ultimate Fan Meets Rod Stewart

In July we featured an epic deal that would give one customer the chance to meet Rod Stewart. This deal spoke to one *super fan so strongly, her enthusiasm for the rock legend spilled over onto our blog. We asked her a few questions about her recent encounter to see how it went!
*Super Fan: Has seen Rod Stewart perform over 40 times.


What did you think when you saw the deal on Groupon?
My first thought was OMG, some gals have all the luck, I’m gonna do this!! I signed up for meet and greet alerts on Google a couple months back, and sure enough–Groupon was my first hit.  BTW, he was first on my bucket list…check.


We hear you’re a fan of Rod, but just how big a fan are you?
HUGE FAN! I was lucky enough to see Rod with Ronnie and Jeff Beck back in the day.  Have been following him since 1970. My best friend at that time was Margaret, and still is. You got it–she was re-named Maggie May and holds that name today. I’m a big enough fan to have seen him at least 40 times, possibly more. Didn’t save all my ticket stubs back then. I attend every show possible and travel to do so. Also was lucky enough to be selected for his private show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. PS, I’m a big enough fan that ALL my friends are sick of me asking if they know Rod Stewart. I have a lot of musician friends and figured…some day if I keep asking and then there was Groupon!

005Was was meeting him like?
My dreams come true. The moments leading up to the meet and greet were surreal now that I think back. Because I feel like I know him already from all the years of following him, I wasn’t as nervous as I thought. I thought I might cry. Maybe it’s because he invited me up on stage in January of 2013 to dance with him and the band. That kinda broke the ice.  My only regret is I didn’t spend enough time with HIM. I was so conscious about being respectful and not acting like some of the gals that run up and kiss him. I mean, I wouldn’t like that. I showed him the still shot of me on stage and he laughed and said in his beautiful English voice, “Now how did you manage to join me band”? Great ending to the meet and greet.


How are you now that you have met him?
Ready for more time with him AND the band.  Love the band!  And I thought I’d be satisfied…NOT!


Now that you’ve met Rod, is there another recording artist you’d like us to connect you with?  What kind of epic deal would you like to see from Groupon next?
What do you think?  Rod Stewart AND the band this time.