Weekly Hints: NYC

06/23/09: A well-known blog that employs writers who have very traditional names, such as “Jason” and “Richard,” has the same name

06/24/09: One of our most intensest Groupons ever

06/25/09: You must demonstrate your jousting techniques in order to gain entry

06/26/09: You can use this Groupon on any service offered by the featured business except for the Rotisserie Therapy

Weekly Hints: Chicago

06/23/09: Most of the eggs used by this establishment come from southern Wisconsin, which is very famous for its eggs (particularly the “fried cheese eggs,” which are egg yolks mixed with cheese, breaded and deep-fried)

06/24/09: Even if you are Steve Jobs, you can not receive an organ transplant here — but you can get a soul awakening if you just try hard enough

06/25/09: This Groupon will help cure your addiction to staring at sewer lids on the city streets

06/26/09: You will have to pay additional for “incidentals,” such as the free dragon ride and the one-hour admission to the petting zoo

Weekly Hints: DC

06/17/09: For centuries, U.S. Senators have visited this establishment in order to ensure that they can wear their panties “with pride”

06/18/09: Every bowl comes with a free baby

06/19/09: Other than the absence of a Banana Slide on the premises, this place is pretty cool

Weekly Hints: San Francisco

06/17/09: Involves special booties

06/18/09: Apparently, they teach cats how to make “jazz hands”

06/19/09: This Groupon inspires us to hum the Kool & the Gang song “Fresh,” but probably wouldn’t affect you similarly

Weekly Hints: NYC

06/17/09: Named after an old Manhattan telephone exchange

06/18/09: Uptown and G-Boys (“G” is for Groupon!)

06/19/09: At no point during your redemption of this Groupon will anyone beat you with a catfish, and that’s a promise

Weekly Hints: Boston

06/17/09: Their “Silver Bullet” has nothing to do with Bob Seger

06/18/09: This place would be better if it employed a a squirrel mascot named Mr. Stretchy to cheer you on, but that’s just our opinion

06/19/09: Kind of violent, but not deadly

Weekly Hints: Chicago

06/17/09: You might become so entranced by this establishment’s cool fonts that you lose sight of why you’re there in the first place

06/18/09: You won’t get cancer with this Groupon — comforting, right?

06/19/09: Kind of like a Britney Spears concert in terms of scale, but without dancers, lip-synching, or gratuitous python play

Groupon redesign on the way

A little over six months ago, Groupon launched as a side project of [The Point](http://www.thepoint.com). In that short time, we’ve expanded to five cities, sold over 50,000 Groupons, and saved consumers over $3,000,000!

Since it’s based off of The Point’s collective buying platform, we were able to build and launch Groupon very quickly by embedding The Point campaign widgets in a simple WordPress blog. Most of the development we’ve done since then has been behind the scenes, but we’re just about ready to release our biggest upgrade yet: a full redesign of Groupon.


There are lots of little details in the new design that should make your time on Groupon even nicer. Also, this sets the stage for some exciting features we’re have lined up for later this year.

We hope you like the redesign when we release it in a few weeks. Please [email us your thoughts](mailto:groupon@thepoint.com) — we’d also love to hear what features you’d like to see on Groupon!

Weekly Hints: San Francisco

6/9: This establishment is like a big hummingbird feeder for humans

6/10: If you enjoy soothing shades of green, then this place is for you

6/11: Here, “brittle” is a good thing

6/12-6/14: Unless you are made out of concrete, stainless steel, or some other unmalleable substance, this Groupon is a must-get

Weekly Hints: DC

6/9: The name of this establishment makes a lot of sense, given its location

6/10: If you can read this — 針砭 — then today’s hint is pretty straightforward

6/11: This Groupon reminds us of an old song by the band King Kong

6/12-6/14: If you eat an entire pie at this establishment, the owner might award you a free pair of stem-free glasses made of gold — but probably not