Weekly Hints: DC

6/9: The name of this establishment makes a lot of sense, given its location

6/10: If you can read this — 針砭 — then today’s hint is pretty straightforward

6/11: This Groupon reminds us of an old song by the band King Kong

6/12-6/14: If you eat an entire pie at this establishment, the owner might award you a free pair of stem-free glasses made of gold — but probably not

Weekly Hints: NYC

6/9: You don’t have to wear boots to this — but if you do, then make them moon boots

6/10: Learn something new and totally legal

6/11: You might experience a total eclipse of the heart

6/12-6/14: Go get ‘em, Tiger

Weekly Hints: Boston

6/9: Christopher Cross-approved (well, probably — we didn’t actually ask him)

6/10: A little bit of Chicago comes to Boston

6/11: This establishment is named after traffic features in London

6/12-6/14: Might inspire Lonely Island impersonations

Weekly Hints: Chicago

6/9: “That’s hot”

6/10: President Barack Obama was here at least once (not sure if he had an arugula encounter)

6/11: The website for this establishment features a photo, taken from behind a plant, that could be described as “lurky”

6/12-6/14: You should move to Chicago using this Groupon — but only if you’re someone we’d likely be friends with

Weekly Hints: Chicago

06/02/09: This Groupon has nothing to do with The Strokes or Captain Kirk

06/03/09: This is like being an American badger who gets pregnant with a party, then gives birth to it

06/04/09: It’s black, white, and won’t stain your fingers

06/05/09: Use your fork to become one with the earth

Weekly Hints: Boston

06/02/09: We’d get this one just to have somebody match our socks for us

06/03/09: So mysterious, we can’t even give hints about it

06/04/09: Here, the jerks can be eaten

06/05/09: This establishment shares a name with a popular Australian poet (it’s not “Hutchence”)

Weekly Hints: Washington, DC

06/02/09: It’s kind of like Mick Jagger’s performance as the Emperor in “The Nightingale,” a production from Faerie Tale Theater — but with no singing birds or narration from Shelley Duvall

06/03/09: The sinks here are really shiny and cool

06/04/09: It’s not about seal skins anymore

06/05/09: The nutty goat can’t eat your coat, because it doesn’t have any teeth

Weekly Hints: NYC

06/02/09: The name of this business invites a lot of terrible cat jokes

06/03/09: Do not try to draw any parallels to chipmunks here — you will only look foolish

06/04/09: If you were born with a mouth, then this Groupon is perfect for you

06/05/09: It’s a family thing

Groupon is Hiring an Accountant

Groupon is looking for an organized, detail-oriented accountant to join us in our Chicago River North offices. Your job will be to keep our books in order, design new processes as our business develops, and maybe do a bit of business analysis. If you are a whiz with Quickbooks and Excel and have at least one year of working experience as an accountant, send your resume and a cover letter to [jobs@thepoint.com](mail:jobs@thepoint.com). Also, [check out our jobs page](http://groupon.thepoint.com/jobs) to get an idea of what it’s like working here (hint: it’s pretty awesome).

Weekly Hints: NYC

05/28/09: This Groupon reminds us of eating Elmer’s glue in first grade

05/29/09: “In the 1920s there was a boat; it ran a lot of rum and stayed afloat”