Introducing the Updated Groupon Mobile App for Windows

As believers in the inherent worth and dignity of every mobile device that will ever grace the cellular space waves, we strive to bring new mobile experiences directly into your hands.

So you can imagine how excited we are today, with the announcement of v3.0 of Groupon’s mobile app for Windows Phone 8! Our Windows Phone app has received a number of big updates that combine Groupon’s dedication to ease of use with the technologically buff Windows phone 8 platform.

The app is designed to make buying and redeeming Groupons even simpler and to quickly connect you with the deals you care about most. If your reputation for sushi addiction precedes you, use the app to your advantage; its added features include the option to set up notifications or display the latest deals in your favorite categories on the neatly updated Windows Phone 8 start screen!

Have a hankering for pizza on the go? Make that pizza dream a pizza reality. We worked with Nokia to create a deal discovery feature that connects you with nearby offers by displaying them through the camera view of your phone! When it comes time to redeem, you can speed up the process with our deal integration into the new Windows Phone wallet, which allows quick access to the deals you’ve already purchased.

You can learn more about Groupon’s mobile services and download v3.0 of the Groupon Windows Phone 8 app at It’s also available in the Windows Phone Marketplace and by visiting the Nokia Collection embedded on Lumia Devices.

Have you downloaded the app already? Let us know what you think in the comments below!



A New, Vivid Experience with Groupon 2.0

Today we’re really excited to publicly announce v. 2.0 of Groupon’s mobile app for iPhone and Android!

If you’re not already mobile with Groupon, now’s the time — 2.0 boasts larger, more vivid photography for each deal and a simpler user experience, including carousel scrolling to replace the tabbed navigation in our previous app. Let your fingers casually wander by swiping and discover deals across all of our categories!

As always, you can buy a trip to Mexico via Groupon Getaways, pick up some earrings on Groupon Goods, or even access merchandised events like today’s tailgating deals or Groupon Rewards.

2.0 is available by visiting the iPhone App Store or the Android Marketplace. Or you can check out what Groupon’s mobile services have to offer here:

While you’re waiting for the new version to download, take a look at some of the screen shots and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Windows 7 and iPad

Our social media strategist, Aaron, takes a fair approach when it comes to weighing in on Groupon’s app launching on both Windows and Apple devices:

Because we here at Groupon believe in the utter superiority of all things Apple, it was a no-brainer for us to release an iPad optimized version of our iOS application. Take it for a spin, we think you’ll enjoy it. You can find it in the Apple App Store.

Because we here at Groupon believe that Windows products are absolutely amazing, it was a no-brainer for us to release a Windows Phone 7 version of our mobile app. You can find it in the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

Because we here at Groupon enjoy flame wars, please discuss the benefits of each platform in a cordial and diplomatic manner in the comments.