Exclusive Experiences Booked through Groupon Reserve

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With warm weather officially here, we want our customers to take every opportunity they can to make life less boring, get out of the house, and go visit some of their favorite local businesses. We understand it takes a little bit of coaxing sometimes. After all, that comfortable couch has been a friend through countless hours of Netflix during the winter months. Groupon Reserve makes it easier–consider it a helping hand to get you into your favorite restaurant. Reserve allows you to easily book tables (from the comfort of your own couch) at some of the best restaurants in your city at discounts of up to 40 percent. Have a special occasion coming up? Book in advance and know your favorite restaurant is waiting for you when you arrive.

“Groupon Reserve is an important step in our journey to become the leading marketplace for online deals, where consumers can come to Groupon and discover great businesses at unbeatable prices, “ said Groupon CEO Eric Lefkofsky. “As Groupon has evolved, we’ve seen growing demand from our customers for upscale offers and exclusive experiences. Reserve gives the most prestigious brands a new way to reach our large and desirable audience.”

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